The normal seasons for MASA are fall (Sept-Oct) and spring (April-May). While MASA does not specifically sponsor any winter activities, there are several options for you to consider. Below is a list of known opportunities - please note that it is not intended to be a complete list but is provided as a courtesy. Also note that MASA does not endorse a specific organization or location for these, but does recommend Futsal-style indoor games as it is the officially recognized format of USSoccer and is proven to enhance foot skills and ball control that can be translated to an outdoor experience.

Lastly, while MASA encourages teams to stay together throughout the winter season (particularly the travel teams that will be together in fall AND spring), there is no obligation for any MASA player to participate, nor is there any rule against guest players (either from within MASA or another community). MASA will leave it at the discretion of the head coach or parent managing the team to make appropriate decisions on rosters.

Program Overview  Style of Play
Total Futsal - Monroeville This is a futsal-only facility that has 3 courts. It typically hosts 2 "seasons" - late fall and winter - and holiday tournaments. Teams are generally formed from pre-existing MASA teams so work with your coach if interested.  Futsal
Murrysville SportsZone This is a local facility that is providing soccer options for the first time starting in the Winter 16/17. They offer leagues and welcome teams or individual players. In addition, they offer beginner-level training for younger players.  Hybrid - Futsal w/ walls 
Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena (PISA) - Harmarville PISA is a well-known and popular facility. It offers 4 fields of varying size and board/out-of-bounds rules. While they do have a "free-agent" offering for any player looking for a team, most teams are formed from pre-existing community and classic (cup) teams. Work with your coach if interested. They also have several clinics/camps/training sessions throughout the year. Turf - outdoor rules 
Winter Soccer Tournaments Many local districts and facilities offer seasonal tournaments. Most are one-day events and typically range from U-10+. Any information that MASA receives will be sent to coaches for evaluation/decision. Varies by location
Sloan Elementary Gym Time MASA has partnered with the FR school district to offer gym time to any travel or U8+ in-house player. Time is granted on a schedule determined based on interest in the beginning of the winter season. Typically time is blocked on a team-by-team basis, so if interested, please reach out to your coach or Josh Lorenz - MASA VP Coaching/Player Development. Varies by coach discretion