With respect to winter training and play, MASA encourages its players to remain active during these months. The time in between the fall and spring seasons is when many players grow and develop their skills. There are a number of options for winter training and play, all of which can prove to be fun and beneficial. Getting training and game play over the winter months helps to continue players' development heading into the spring.  

Please be advised that MASA's coaches for the fall season are under no obligation to organize or conduct any winter training or put together any teams for league play or tournaments. Coaches, parents or others may choose to do so on their own, but any such activities are entirely voluntary and are separate, apart and distinct from MASA.

With the above in mind, and as a courtesy to its member families, MASA outlines below some of the more popular winter training/play options:

Private Training

A number of soccer coaches, particularly those affiliated with "classic" or "cup" soccer clubs (Allegheny Force, Century, Hotspurs, Foothills, etc.), offer private training indoors. If you are interested in private training, contact a classic/cup soccer club for more information on such opportunities.


The Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena ("PISA") runs indoor leagues on turf fields through the winter months. Games are played on open and boarded fields. The web site for PISA is as follows:



Futsal is the indoor game sanctioned by FIFA, the world soccer governing body. Futsal is recognized as a great way to grow players' soccer skills for a number of reasons:

1) Skills Development - Futsal promotes more touches and better quality touches on the ball

2) Safety - Futsal eliminates the injuries associated with wall collisions

3) Faster and Better Decision Making

4) Promotes Possession-Based Play

5) Cultivates Creativity and Movement Away from the Ball

6) Less Expensive - Futsal makes quality soccer more affordable

7) Fewer Players Required (4 + GK on the field at a time)

Futsal Leagues

There are several futsal leagues available for play in our area:

www.pennwestfutsal.com (Monroeville, South Hills)

www.totalfutsal.us (North Hills)

Futsal-Only Clubs

Additionally, there are futsal-only clubs that supplement what MASA and other clubs are doing in terms of winter training and play. Attached is a flyer and below is a link to Dragons Futsal, which will be playing at Penn West Futsal in Monroeville:


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact MASA's Director of Coaching/Player Development, Josh Lorenz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).