Parking - Please park in the parking lot only.

Pets - All pets, with the exception of those providing service to the handicapped, are prohibited from being on District or Municipal fields during any MASA commissioned activity.

Alcohol - Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Municipal property which includes MCP.

Smoking - Please refrain from smoking at the soccer fields during practices and games.

Jewelry - NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED TO BE WORN during soccer games. This is a safety and liability issue.

Thunder and Lightening - The PaWest/MASA rule is to seek shelter and wait 30 minutes after thunder or lightning. No playing until 30 minutes after lightening was last seen OR 30 minutes after thunder was last heard. If you can hear the thunder, you are within reach of lightening. Players and families should be directed to their cars to wait. Do not take time to take down goals, because handling metal increases a person's risk of being struck by lightening. Everyone hates a delay, but the kids' safety comes first. Thanks for all your help and cooperation!