This spring PA West has adopted new guidelines on heading the ball in accordance with the US Youth Soccer Concussion Initiative.   The new guidelines are as follows:


  • No heading of the ball in practice or games for players 10 years old and younger, no matter what age group the player participates in.
  • No heading of the ball in practice or games for all players in U11 and younger age groups.
  • Limited heading in practice for all players between the age of 11 and 13. No limits in games for this age group.

If heading is done in a game where it is not allowed the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick.

As discussed in the “Focus on Safety” article in our recent newsletter (see MASA website under ????) the increased focus on the long term impacts of concussions in youth sports has triggered a series of initiatives aimed at reducing the incidence of concussions and these guidelines are one of these initiatives. MASA fully supports these guidelines and we have communicated this information to all coaches in the MASA organization.

The MASA Board