Become Involved with MASA!

MASA has a number of open volunteer positions that must be filled in order for the organization to continue to serve the children of Murrysville. The position descriptions can be found at the end of this newsletter and also on the MASA website. Our most urgent need is for the Referee Assignor position which schedules referees for all home travel and Eagles games. This position must be filled for the upcoming spring season. PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING YOUR TIME TO SUPPORT THE ORGANIZATION AND BENEFIT THE CHILDREN OF YOUR COMMUNITY! For further information contact Larry McShea (e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view 412 527-3792).

Registration Reminder

Remember to register for the Spring 2016 season by February 26 or a late fee will apply. All accounts for the spring season must be paid in full by March 5.

Change to Birth Year Registration in Fall 2016

PA West has mandated that all clubs change over to a birth year registration starting in the fall of 2016. What this means is that instead of the age groups used to form the teams being based on August 1 – July 31 birthday cutoff dates this will now transition to January 1 – December 31 cutoff dates.  So starting next fall all MASA in-house and travel teams will need to be reconfigured in accordance with these new dates.   The MASA Board is working through the changes that will be necessary to implement this new system for the fall. For further information contact Dave Paterline (VP Travel: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Doug Phillips (VP In-house, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) .

MASA Annual Meeting

The MASA Annual Meeting was held at the Murrysville Sports Zone on Wednesday January 27. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the MASA website as soon as they are available. MASA is currently working on a revision to the By Laws of the Organization with a goal to take the updated By Laws to the membership for approval in a special meeting before the fall 2016 season.

On Sportsmanship and Presidential Politics – Winners, Losers, and Cheaters

After watching the Presidential campaign process play out over the last few months it is clear there are some that see the world being divided up into three groups of people: “winners”, “losers”, and “cheaters”.   The parallel to youth sports should not be lost on us as there are individuals who share this view (since my child/my team is a “winner” the only way we can lose is because we were cheated).   We see this play out within a team, between teams, and between communities, and it manifests itself in parents criticizing players, players criticizing other players, parents screaming at refs, dangerous play on the field, and so on and so on.

The behaviors driven by this frame of mind go against the fundamental values of youth sports organizations and ultimately drive kids (as well as our young referees) away from the sport. Our number one goal as parents should be to provide positive encouragement to all children involved so as many kids as possible will want to continue to play going forward. This should extend within our team, within our organization, and to our surrounding communities.   Let’s make ALL of our kids winners whether they play for the Leopards or the Jaguars, and whether they are all-stars, or just out there to have fun, so as many as possible can benefit from the exercise, teamwork, confidence building, and skills development offered by youth soccer.

At the end of this newsletter is an excellent article from U.S. Youth Soccer on sportsmanship that everyone with children involved in youth sports should read “6 tips to make youth soccer better for parents and players.”

Focus On Safety - Concussion Awareness

With the recent focus on the long term impacts of concussions in sports in general and youth sports in particular it is important for all of us to educate ourselves on this issue. Educational resources on concussions in youth sports are available on-line from U.S. Youth Soccer at:

A fact sheet from this website is provided as an attachment to this newsletter and can also be found on the MASA website with the MASA concussion policy at: .  

The PA West home page ( also has a link to an Allegheny Health Network site which lists the times and locations where low cost ($20 non-AHN member/$15 AHN Member) baseline concussion testing can be scheduled for youth sports participants.

Give Us Your Ideas

If you have ideas for topics that you think would be of interest to the general MASA membership in a future newsletter please contact Christy Manzewitsch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

MASA Open Volunteer Positions – contact Larry McShea (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 412 527-3792) for more information

Position 1: Referee Assignor (start Spring 2016):

Position Summary

Responsible for scheduling referees for all MASA Travel and Eagles home games each week during the spring and fall seasons, communicating with referees and prospective referees on annual recertification requirements and new referee training classes, serving as the primary contact with PA West referee committee, and providing Treasurer with weekly list of payments. Estimated time commitment 2-4 hours/per week with most work during spring and fall season.     Soccer background helpful but not required. Training will be provided by current referee assignor.

Position 2: Travel Registrar (start Fall 2016):

Position Summary

The MASA Travel Registrar is responsible for obtaining and recording all documentation related

to travel players within the organization. This position requires strong organizational and

computer skills as necessary updates must be made to both the MASA system and PA

WestAffinity system. Maintaining active communication with the Travel Coordinator is imperative

as is communication with parents, coaches and the PA West regional representative. Training will be provided by existing Travel Registrar.

• Obtain team assignments from the Travel Coordinator.

• Manage players assignments on both the MASA and Affinity/PA West software system.

• Verify payment before assigning players to teams.

• Attend or otherwise staff try-outs in May to obtain birth certificates and photos.

• Contact parents as needed to obtain birth certificate copies and a recent photo for each child

designated as a travel team player.

• Upload and/or otherwise provide all necessary documentation to PA West representative for

approval of each travel player.

• Print all coach and player cards and distribute to Coordinator and/or coaches at the beginning

of each season.

• Jan-April (20 hours)

• July-early September (70-80 hours)

Position 3: Secretary (start Spring 2016)

Position Summary

The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of all meetings of the Board,

special meeting of the membership, the Annual Meeting, and for distribution of all minutes to

members of the Board and membership as required. This job takes 2-3 hours per month.

Position 4: Uniform Coordinator (start Spring 2016):

Position Summary

This job involves working with MASA’s uniform vendor to coordinate the ordering of MASA soccer uniforms for both travel and in-house.  The coordinator will maintain a list of jersey numbers for all travel players and assign uniform numbers to new travel players.   The uniform coordinator will also be responsible for managing the relationship and agreements with the uniform vendor.   This job takes 4-8 hours with most of the work occurring before the fall and spring seasons. Training will be provided by the existing uniform coordinator.