MASA is a completely volunteer organization.

  • Please offer to HELP YOUR volunteer coaches, including set-up or putting away goals and any other area your coaches may need assistance. Appreciate that coaches are volunteers donating their time to help your child.
  • Please REFRAIN from sideline coaching as it can be confusing to the players. If you want to coach, please volunteer!
  • Please be courteous to your coach by bringing your child to practices and games ON TIME and be available to pick him/her up ON TIME following the practice and games.
  • Please offer only POSITIVE encouragement to all the players. Remember these are children playing a game. Emphasize the positive things that your child has accomplished and remember that your child is playing soccer for fun.
  • DO NOT criticize referees. The referees are doing their best in a face-paced game with very subjective and often misunderstood rules.  If you would like to referee, PLEASE sign-up to referee and check the view from the field.
  • Please appreciate that MASA is a recreational and developmental club, and that every player will play at least 50% of every game regardless of skill level.